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Transfuse & Transplant  »  High Throughput Full Automation
Meet NEO. Cutting-edge automation for the high-volume hospital, clinical reference lab and donor center. With the world’s highest throughput, NEO is positioned to take your laboratory to the next level of productivity. Ideal for large patient laboratories, clinical laboratories and donor centers Linear racks for continuous processing of up to 224 samples Modules can pipette, incubate, centrifuge and read simultaneously to maximize efficiency STAT prioritization with priority processing for every sample Industry exclusive reflex testing Real time test results Intuitive user interface Bi-directional interface to LIS ImmuLINKTM interface blud_directsm remote diagnostics Broadest test menu for patient and donor testing
Galileo NEO
Product information

 Device ID: 0064600

 The size (DxHxW): 90 x 186 x 220 cm

 Weight: 420 kg

 Voltage: 100-240V, 63 Hz 47-

 Power consumption: 400 VA (biggest 1000 VA)

 Operating conditions: temperature 15-30 ° C, humidity 20-80%

 Scanning Barcodes: Codabar; Code 128; Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5; ISBT 128 (barcode connection is not supported)

 minimum amount of sample runs: Plasma: 500 l; RBCs: 250 l

 Capacity: Up to 224 samples; multivalent linear, 16 samples / prices; Continuous sample loading and lifting load samples through user interface LED

The list of tests on the machine:

o The type ABO / Rh

o Group D weak

o Rh Phenotyping

o Kell Phenotyping

o Blodd Group Confirmation

o Extended Phenotyping

o abnormal antibody screening (2-cell and 3-cell, 4-cell & amp; Pooled)

o Identification of the antibody (Primary Panel, Panel D Pos, Neg Panel D)


there cross-IgG

o CMV Screen

o Platelet Antibody Screening Screen- platelet antibodies

o Cross-platelet Platelet Antibody Crossmatch-

o TPHA-Syphilis